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Frendee is an app that facilitates dating and friendships through
shared-interest events and activities.

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Personalized Event-Based Social and Dating Platform

Frendee is a versatile app designed to enhance the dating and social experience by allowing users to post and participate in a wide range of events, tailored to their interests. From organizing a fitness session at the gym to planning an adventurous cruise, users have the freedom to define the specifics of each activity, including the time, location, and nature of the event. This feature not only facilitates meaningful connections through shared interests but also adds a layer of personalization and convenience to the process of meeting new people and forging friendships or romantic relationships.

Streamlining Dating with Event-Centered Connections

Take the guessing game out of meeting someone new and trying to figure out whether or not you have mutual interests. Frendee removes the struggle of meeting someone and figuring out the “perfect first date”. Instead, enjoy dating centered around events!

Adult Friend Finder for Shared Interests and Activities

Welcome to the adult friend finder app designed to help you find friends and maybe even something more! Meet other single people around events and activities of mutual interest. You can host our own activities or participate in already posted activities.


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A Game Changer in Social Connections!" - "As someone who loves traveling but often struggles to find like-minded companions, Frendee has been a game changer. I posted about a hiking trip I was planning, and the response was incredible! I met a group of people who shared my passion for adventure, and our trip was unforgettable. This app isn't just for dating; it's about making genuine connections. Can't wait for my next Frendee adventure!
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Found My Workout Buddy and More" - "I never imagined a dating app could lead me to find my perfect workout partner! I joined Frendee with the simple intention of finding someone to share my gym routine with, and ended up meeting my now-girlfriend. We bonded over our love for fitness and discovered so many other shared interests. Frendee is more than just an app; it's a community of people looking to connect on a deeper level.
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Frendee Made My Social Life Exciting Again!" - "After moving to a new city, my social life was pretty non-existent. I stumbled upon Frendee and decided to give it a try. I couldn't believe how easy it was to find and join local events. I've attended book clubs, cooking classes, and even a salsa dance event through the app. Not only have I made a bunch of new friends, but I've also been on a few dates. Frendee really brought excitement back into my social life!


Frendee is a social and dating app that connects people through shared-interest events and activities, allowing users to host or join a variety of events from gym workouts to cruises.

To create an event, simply navigate to the ‘Create Event’ section in the app, fill in the details like activity type, time, location, and a brief description, and then post it for other users to see and join.

Yes, Frendee is free to download and use. Certain premium features may be available via in-app purchases.

Absolutely! You can browse and join any events that interest you without the need to host your own.

Each event listing includes details like the activity type, location, and the interests of the attendees, helping you decide if it aligns with your interests.

User safety is a priority for us. We have safety guidelines and encourage users to meet in public spaces for events. However, users should always exercise caution and use their best judgment.

Yes, Frendee is designed for both making friends and dating. You can specify what you’re looking for in your profile.

If you encounter any issues with another user, please use the ‘Report’ feature in the app or contact our support team for assistance.

Frendee suggests events based on your listed interests and previous activity choices, ensuring you find events that truly match your preferences.

Yes, you can cancel your participation through the app. We recommend doing so as early as possible to notify the event host and other attendees.

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